Howie, Nicy, and your favorite sea squad are back.

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Howie, Nicy and our favorite sea squad are back to help you teach little ones early-learning coloring basics and reinforce positive affirmations.

Have fun with your toddler coloring 18+ pages as the I Am Not Alone: A Coloring Book for Howie and the Light reinforces messages of courage, friendship and self-confidence. Watch their imaginations unfold as your little ones color images while learning important life lessons.

To be utilized by teachers, parents, and little ones ages 1 to 5 years old, this coloring book includes:

  • Messages of self-love, friendship, and confidence accompanied by whimsical illustrations that are easy for them to identify and color
  • References to the On My Way: Howie and the Light picture book that tells the story of one little boat’s adventure towards home when he encounters some rough patches along his way in Latoya Dawkins’ first install in her Howie the Little Boat picture book series
  • Illustrations printed on single sides
  • Large size pages (8.5 x 11 inches)

Designed to discuss courage, friendship and confidence when storms come with your little ones. Makes a perfect gift for any child.

Latoya Dawkins brings her new inspiring, fun, and lovable characters to life in this companion coloring book to the On My Way: Howie and the Light picture book. The bundle, the coloring book plus the picture book, is a creative and fun way at home or in class to remind little ones of how to face storms.

All proceeds from your purchase of this coloring book and any other books in the Howie the Little Boat series go towards funding Our Miracle Child Foundation grants for infertility couples without coverage in pursuit of holding their miracle child.

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